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Skoun is a community-centered outpatient center. By providing holistic treatment, we aim to empower individuals as they overcome their addiction problems to lead a satisfying life. 
Skoun helps hundreds of people and their families every year. 



The decision to stop drinking, using drugs, or making lifestyle changes needs to come from the individual. Feel free to stop by the center during our open access hours for individual help and support as you can receive advice, referrals, information and free HIV and Hepatitis B & C tests with immediate results.


The first step of treatment provides you with a comprehensive assessment that includes a general medical, psychiatric, and social evaluation. Based on this, we develop a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs.


Treatment plans may involve individual counseling sessions, case management, group therapy, and family sessions. Based on the outcome of the assessment, this treatment plan can also include maintenance treatment, as well as other psychiatric medication, with regular monitoring and reassessment.


As part of our holistic approach, we provide regular free medical check-ups, and assist you in the treatment of HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and other medical issues.


We provide supportive counseling to people who have attended other treatment programs and are looking for continued care. We will help you deal with day-to-day issues as they arise.


Upon completion of your treatment, you will be discharged but remain part of the growing family of Skoun. We believe in having an open door policy, so you are, of course, always welcome to come back, should you feel the need to.

Family Support

Drug use has a major impact on the friends and family of individuals who suffer from addiction. We offer support groups and counseling to friends and family while providing them with information and support throughout the treatment process. We also offer conjoined sessions with the individual and their family in order to cope with specific family needs and concerns.