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Skoun’s prevention programs work to prevent the onset of drug use amongst youth in engaging, and effective ways as we involve parents, educators and healthcare providers, and national stakeholders. By sharing the right information with the right people, we hope to empower young people while providing long-lasting preventative interventions.



In order to extend our reach, we provide training for a wide range of professionals (healthcare providers, policy-makers, teachers, social workers) on prevention practices, providing them with scientific information related to drugs and addiction, adaptable to their specific needs and communities. The training works to hone their abilities to design prevention interventions, implement, and evaluate their outcomes.


Through our “Know More, Risk Less” program, we organize and conduct interactive workshops, discussion groups, peer-to-peer education, and provide reading material to educate youth about drugs.


Our Mobile Education Unit aims to provide essential information about drugs and open discussions with our prevention team members. The mobile unit can be placed at a variety of events, from school fairs to music events.


Parents play an important role in drug prevention. Our “Parenting for Prevention” talks address issues that concern today’s parents as we give tips on how to communicate with their children about the dangers of drug abuse and where to seek support if they detect signs of drug use.


PeerNet is a drug education peer-to-peer program that includes a 3-day workshop for youth. Through this workshop, peer educators acquire solid information about drugs and risky behaviors as well as develop their skills to communicate this to knowledge to other teens and young adults. The workshop is followed by a youth-led drug awareness intervention in their school, university or community supported by the Skoun prevention team.


The prevention department is always looking for eager volunteers interested in working in a variety of fields, in accordance with their interests and level of expertise. Internship opportunities are also available for university students. For more information and availability please email


By enhancing and strengthening the essential life skills that allow young people, ages 12 to 14, to live productive and healthy lives, we aim to equip students to make smart decisions, develop emotional intelligence, think critically, and gain self-confidence. Our Life Skills Education programs can be integrated within the school’s curriculum, allowing the school to implement drug prevention easily. Integrated programs combine life skill education with greater knowledge about drugs and alcohol and their effects improving refusal skills towards alcohol and drugs. Skoun provides training and support for teachers and other school staff.