For every individual, length of treatment is different.  However, attending Skoun’s treatment program is easy since you can continue to lead your daily life while receiving the support you need to overcome your addiction problems.

Anyone is welcome to Skoun, with or without a referral. You can call us for an appointment, or you can just walk right in.

All of our services are completely free.  The only things you have to pay for are the urine test (about $24 per month) and any prescribed medication.

We do not share any of your information with anyone else without your prior consent.

It means that we are not a residential center.  No one lives or sleeps at Skoun.  We are located in central Beirut allowing people easy access to the treatment they need all the while living at home learning to manage their substance use in a real environment.

Yes! People who work set office hours can schedule their appointments after 5:00pm.

You can come alone, with a friend, or a family member.  The important thing is you are making the step to get help.

We do not share information about our service users to anyone, including the police or a government entity.

Yes, you can come in to talk with one of our counselors, ask questions and get advice.

You can schedule an appointment and one of our counselors will answer your questions and help you find ways to help your friend.